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    Case Study: Vanderhall

    The hybrid car made with one of our laser cutting equipment

    The digital newspaper ABC has made an article about a success story of one of our clients and we want to spread it from here because in our opinion, the path of this American company deserves to be known.

    It talks about the new vehicles that our client Vanderhall has brought to the market, the Edison 2 hybrids, available in different designs and colors.

    New Edison 2 Hybrids from Vanderhall®

    As we have already mentioned in different sections of the website, various components of these vehicles are manufactured with our Titan Series laser cutting machine. The automotive sector is in continuous changes in innovation and in Jordi we analyze these changes to facilitate the production process of our customers.


    And how is the new Vanderhall Edison 2?

    The vehicle is handcrafted in their factory in Utah and its components are of American origin. A retro vehicle, different, that if you want to get one you have to sign up for the waiting list.

    From Jordi we are proud to contribute to the manufacturing process of the new models and we share the success of Vanderhall.