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    Our laser cutting equipment scrupulously complies with all safety requirements.

    All the laser cutting machines we manufacture at JORDI are equipped with the necessary devices to guarantee the total safety of the user who is operating it, in accordance with the current regulations: The machine has a fully equipped protection system.

    The work area surrounding the equipment, which is completely safe and enclosed, complies with all the safety measures established in the CE / CDRH directives. The viewing windows are approved for the use of solid-state lasers.

    The laser source is equipped with advanced control systems for the beam reflectors, ensuring operational integrity and safety.

    The 100μm diameter processor fiber emits a very fine focused beam with very low risk.

    Safety glasses (1068-1080nm) are recommended when working with fiber laser cutting systems; these glasses can be obtained from JORDI’s cutting consumables and spare parts department.

    Preventive maintenance work should be carried out by qualified personnel.

    Respecting the environment

    We train our customers in the proper use of laser cutting equipment. To do so, we advise them to follow the following environmentally friendly guidelines:

    The temperature range in the workplace should be between 15-35 degrees and the system components should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

    In the case of tropical climatic conditions or if the workplace temperature exceeds 35 degrees, it is recommended that the equipment be housed in an air-conditioned room.

    The dew point conditioning of the ambient air should be below 10 degrees Celsius to avoid condensation on the refrigerated parts of the machine. The equipment must be installed on a vibration-free floor.

    Vapors resulting from paint or solvent injection can be absorbed by the laser beam and can adversely affect the performance of the system.

    We created a Technical Data sheet that must be complied with to protect the equipment user and the environment.