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    50th anniversary

    The company is an international benchmark in the industrial sector.

    We manufacture a large format laser cutting machine, among other equipment, being possibly one of the largest in the world. We are Jordi Universal, a company that this year celebrates its 50th anniversary in a big way.

    “In 1971, my father Jordi Quintana founded Jordi Universal in LLEIDA (Spain) under the fundamental pillars of integrity, perseverance, innovation and always with a vision focused on the needs of the industrial machinery sector”. Fifty years later, the company, based on effort, tenacity and continuous innovation in parallel to the needs of our customers, has ensured a constant growth and success that have allowed us to overcome certainly complicated moments to become the company we are today.

    We remain committed to helping our customers, suppliers and associates achieve their goals, and we would like to thank each and every one of them for their unconditional support during these 50 years. We promise to continue to bring value to our partners every day, and to work with integrity in everything we do,” explains Pere Quintana, CEO of the company.

    50 years of advanced industrial solutions

    More than 5 decades ago, we started as a small bending machine solutions business. Today, we are among the largest industrial producers of fiber laser cutting machinery. “Evolution is constant, innovation unstoppable and technology our best traveling companion.”

    For the next 50 years, our mission is to be the best support for our customers, the best distributor for our supply partners and the best workplace for our employees. To this end, our expansion plans include new international markets, as well as our current presence in countries such as the United States, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Germany‚Ķ and to continue to maintain our commitment to offer ever-increasing value through products, services and experiences based on improving our customers’ production process.

    At Jordi, every piece of equipment we manufacture solves a need for our customer. Therefore, our philosophy is to work together since the customer proposes us his need, during the specific development of the equipment and its manufacture and of course also providing an immediate and excellent quality after-sales service.

    Our machines are designed and manufactured exclusively in Spain, but if there is something that has identified us in recent years, is that all the components of our equipment, such as fiber laser resonators, CNC controls, program software, handling equipment, etc., are supplied by European manufacturers of the highest quality and/or are manufactured and developed by Jordi.

    This has positioned us in the market with our slogan “Made in Europe“.

    Jordi tech & innovation has been recognized as one of the companies with the greatest international projection in the manufacture of industrial machinery specialized in fiber laser cutting.

    “It is exciting to see our own project celebrate 50 years of life,” said Pere Quintana. “The company has far surpassed what my father imagined in the 1970s. We are now a global manufacturer, reaching a wide range of industrial applications, with a loyal customer base that trusts the quality of our products and our team.” For this alone, we are proud of the road we have traveled.

    On the occasion of the anniversary, Jordi Universal will hold an open house where the real protagonist will be the manufacture of our laser cutting machines and our press brakes.

    We will enable a registration form on our website and main communication channels. This is really necessary due to the scrupulous measures that we have to adopt due to the COVID for the organization to be safe and to comply with health standards. This conference will last 15 days and you can choose the date that best suits you and will be held in our factory in Lleida (Spain).

    We will continue at least another 50 years more, walking together with you, customers, suppliers, friends. We are completely satisfied with what we have achieved but our mission, our objectives, oblige us to continue improving and evolving because we owe it to you.

    Thank you for being there,

    Pere Quintana
    Jordi Universal CEO