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    For several years, the industrial sector has been searching for faster and more reliable solutions that allow precise cuts in thin materials.

    At Jordi Universal we market a wide range of industrial laser machinery, which have high levels of power, improved maintenance and better functionality. Thanks to these added values, our laser cutting machines have become a great option to apply in cutting, especially in applications where high edge quality, tight dimensional tolerances and high production are required in the machine tool industry, as well as in other industrial markets.

    Within the industrial sector, how do laser cutting machines work?

    To cut specific patterns into an existing sheet of material, laser cutting machines employ a beam of light, which is very similar to a kind of blade. Depending on the power of the laser cutting machine used, it is possible to cut steel parts up to 5 centimeters thick. In the industrial sector, laser cutting machines are of great importance because they can cut metals, plastics or wood for certain processes.

    Industrial laser cutting machines generally consist of two main elements. On the one hand, there is a cutting head, which is responsible for projecting the light beam, and on the other, the table on which the material to be cut is placed. Both elements are constant but, depending on the existing need in the use of the manufacturing system, they can be arranged in different configurations.

    Jordi Universal, a benchmark in the industrial sector

    The entire Jordi Universal team works daily to accompany and advise the customer of any type of industrial sector in the application of laser technology used in the products they may need.

    The technology of the laser cutting machines that we sell from Jordi Universal reach the highest level, always adjusting to the needs of the sector in which the customer is. Also, we work daily in the investment and continuous development to improve the possibilities of application of laser cutting technology.