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    New cutting head design for a greater process stability

    The cutting head is an essential element to guarantee the cutting process stability and also the high quality of the finish in the cutting of the pieces. This is especially critical when it is necessary to increase the cutting power of the laser (in cases up to 15 kw). To do this, JORDI UNIVERSAL has developed the 3D INTERPOLATED 5 AXES cutting head in the TITAN models.

    A lightweight, yet robust design of the new cutting head that increases the safety and repeatability of the cutting process, especially in beveled and angular cutting jobs.

    To do this, JORDI UNIVERSAL has optimized the dimensions of the 3D cutting head assembly and has integrated important technical features that allow high-precision movements. Furthermore, with the help of specific sensors and software, we have managed to reduce the risk of collisions, for example, if cut pieces are lifted. The new design also reduces maintenance and functioning costs.