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    Packaging phase of laser cutting machine

    Finalizing details for shipment of the LUX Series 3015 to the United States.

    Today we are working on the packaging of our LUX Series 3015 with 6 Kw so that it can be shipped to the United States in the next few days. 

    Another of our small LUX, which will bring added value in a new customer, who is related to the shipping industry and we are proud of the trust.

    From the USA they are looking forward to start working with the LUX, since it will bring them more profitability and speed in the production processes with studies previously tested by both parties, improving in this way a 12% the productivity. 

    Are you interested in an initial study without commitment? At Jordi we are here to help you improve your productivity processes. 

    You can contact us through our main channels where you can see it at

    3500 Mountain Vista Pkwy provo ut 
    +1 (216) 762-8912