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    The quality of our equipment and our technical service

    Our equipment is better thanks to our excellent technical service.

    At Jordi, the sale of our laser machines does not end when the equipment is delivered or when the transaction takes place. The after-sales service and technical assistance is a fundamental part of the company’s business development.

    For the team, the technical service is not only a repair or maintenance service, but it is the seal and the image of the company in front of its customers.

    Within our objectives to cover the satisfaction of our customers there are several points that we have put and others that we are implementing:

    – To give as much information as possible during the process of selling our equipment to our customers. The demanding and exhaustive training periods minimize the mistakes that may be made in the future in the operation of our equipment.

    – We listen to our customers: We solve the needs and doubts they have. We go beyond the services they hire us and this generates confidence.

    – We are going to implement a satisfaction survey so that our clients can evaluate different aspects of our work. This will help us to be better and to propose new training initiatives during the sales and production process of our equipment.

    – Communication: Our customers deserve to be informed of new developments in their equipment, updates, news that can improve their production process. They deserve to know that we are still there for them.

    “Loyal customers not only come back, they not only recommend you, they insist their friends do business with you