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    The world’s largest interchangeable table laser cutting machine

    Jordi Universal has been working for months to see its fruits in a new laser cutting machine that will go around the world.

    Jordi Universal has been working for months to see its fruits in a new laser cutting machine that will go around the world.

    Currently, the first machine is traveling to the United States to be implemented in a factory, and thus provide a solution to existing needs. This machine, made entirely in the main headquarters of the company in Spain, specifically in Lleida, has been macerated for months throughout the design and manufacturing process.

    This machine provides a solution thanks to the new laser technology, generating a series of advantages ranging from greater energy efficiency, greater precision in cutting, greater speed and an interchangeable table that make this version a milestone in the world of laser cutting.

    All our LUX Series, have interchangeable table by servomotors, facilitating the loading and unloading of any part. It also has double structure, so that the vibration is non-existent, and in this way the machine becomes much more precise allowing greater speed and acceleration in its process.

    Thanks to the double head, the LUX Titan 18030, can act in parallel or independently, allowing higher speed if required.

    The LUX 18030 Titan, has side openings (on one side blinds and on the other side a side door) from which access the interior of the machine more easily and safely. Thanks to them, maintenance and cleaning tasks are made easier. Moreover, it is not necessary to dismantle it, avoiding any type of deterioration and wear of the parts.

    In Jordi Universal, we have more than 30 years giving solutions and innovating with the mere fact of giving answer in the world laser to measure, since we know the needs of each company and our solutions are adapted to all of them.

    In addition, in JORDI we are nonconformists. We are always looking for the future and we remain the benchmark that this market needs to continue growing.

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