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    This distinction offers a competitive advantage

    Stamped parts are increasingly diverse. In addition to a wide variety of small parts,  larger parts can also be cut from large-format sheets without the machine having to interrupt the laser cutting process on long cutting paths. This represents a clear competitive advantage that is not offered by standard format laser cutting machines.

    In addition to cutting extra large sheets, it is also possible to process sheets in smaller formats. Individual sheets can be freely loaded on the cutting table of the TITAN models allowing users/operators to optimize profitability in the use of the machine by reducing downtime and allowing the laser cutting machine to operate in automatic cutting mode much longer.

    Obviously, the possibility of carrying out multiple work orders is offered, being able to carry out all jobs in various sheet formats, as well as with different thicknesses. A simple measurement and reading of the reference/positioning of the sheets, will help us to carry out an automatic calculation that allows to obtain knowledge and the exact location of the elements that we have on our table to be processed.

    All TITAN  serialized models are equipped  with  the latest generation of interpolated •D cutting heads. Options are available, such as the second cutting head that integrates a second IPG resonator of equal power.

    CCD vision cameras and screens to help the operator, which will offer an optimum control of the entire system when realizing  work on large dimension sheets.

    Higher speed and greater thickness of the cut. JORDI UNIVERSAL’s TITAN models are now equipped with a 15-kilowatt laser and with the new 5-axis interpolated heads for bevel cutting.

    This new generation of cutting heads has been specially developed for a high quality/precision market, that requires a clear differentiation to offer beveled cuts to its customers, as well as a constant cutting quality of 40 millimeter steel plate thicknesses. .

    In a market as competitive as that of the traditional cutting market, sheet metal transformation companies have to be innovative and flexible,  aside of porducing at a low cost. The best unit price per cut piece and short  term delivery times are decisive to achieve great success in such a competitive market. Therefore, our TITAN laser cutting models with the option of bevel cutting, high processing speeds, a reliable cutting process and low maintenance costs. These are the demands that will  be required by a market  that is in contant  growth and evolution.  In order to offer constant support to our customers in the face of growing competition, JORDI UNIVERSAL has already incorporated high-power fiber laser cutting resonators with an extreme high performance: the latest generation 15-kilowatt IPG YLS resonator. The IPG YLS high-end fiber laser guarantees cutting quality and a wide range of applications. The technological advancement from the previously available power levels of 2 to 10 kilowatts to the new level of 15 kilowatts has been the product of our effort to gain the trust of our customers.

    Up to a 40mm high quality cut

    With the 15 kilowatt laser, the cutting speeds of the TITAN models increase on average up to 20% (with the nitrogen laser cutting process) compared to the 10 kilowatt laser resonator that are also incorporated in our cutting equipment. This increases the productive in the sheet thickness range from 30 to 40 millimeters.

    “This laser cutting power is especially interesting for companies that need to achieve higher cutting speeds in material thicknesses from 15-20 millimeters to increase their performance per cycle time. The result is a high quality cut with minimum production costs”.