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    Types of shears

    In this post we will go on to detail the types of shears that exist and what each one is used for.

    What types of shears are there and what are they used for?

    Today there are many tools, techniques or machines capable of cutting metal. It can be electric or by manual force, everything depends on the type of metal, thickness, quantity to be cut, time, uses…

    In Jordi we want to emphasize the importance of the shears. This tool is essential in any company. The shear is a manual or automatic tool that allows to cut different materials of different thicknesses. The electric shear, in this case, allows you to cut any type of sheet without effort.

    Next, we will explain the two types of existing shears, and what they are used for.

    Types of shears:

    Manuals: in manual shears, the operator or worker is in charge of carrying out the movement (up and down) and exerting pressure on the blade to make the cut. Therefore, the effort that must be made is greater, and to be performed by a human, the failures, and the difficulty when cutting a plate with a considerable thickness, will be more complex and will take longer.

    In addition, it should be borne in mind that when using a manual shear, the operator is increasingly tired, so it takes longer and longer to do his job, which implies a significant drop in productivity.

    Automatic: within the automatic shears, we find the roller shears and the guillotine shears. They work by joining two knives pressing the surface to be cut until they break it and separate it in two. Most of the time after cutting the edges are irregular. This type of shear is capable of cutting any type of sheet and thickness with little effort. This results in higher productivity, since the less effort and time you spend on a task, the more time you will have to continue with your work.