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JORDI is a sign of exclusivity. Every detail is polished to perfection. The neatness of our production processes is derived from the more than 30 years that support us.

After all this time, we have become a benchmark in the market, a synonym of experience and professionalism. We know the needs of each company and our solutions conform to them. We have progress and innovation on our side.

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Progreso e innovaciĆ³n.

Manufacturing lines

Jordi has three main manufacturing lines

At JORDI we have 100% control over the production and manufacturing chain of our machines. In this way, we can adapt them to the needs that we find in each client. After a long time studying the market, in addition to the experience of JORDI users, we have created machines with the best qualities and the latest technology, always with an eye on the future.

  • Lux Series
  • Flex Series
  • Atrix Series
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Quality Made in Europe

Our commitment to innovation and quality are linked to a product made with the best raw material. All the pieces are of European manufacture, a market at the head of the sector. Therefore, we choose materials that have grown in an environment of experience, innovation and technology. We select our pieces carefully as a composer chooses the notes of his masterpiece.

In addition, our machines are designed exclusively in Spain. We believe in the Spanish industry and know that it is a country with the highest levels of industrial innovation in the world.