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    Innovation, design and quality is our vision

    We design and manufacture laser cutting equipment

    Our Jordi production plant is located in the northwest of Spain (Lleida) with a branch in the United States in Utah and Texas.

    As your trusted partner, Jordi offers state-of-the-art innovations, flexibility, quick response, and excellent service. Our main markets are Europe, the U.S., and Latin America. These encompass countries of great relevance that drive our growth. .

    Jordi machines

    Jordi series

    We manufacture custom machibes.

    Speed, cutting precision, and customized work areas

    Depending on the needs of our customers, we custom design fiber laser cutting equipment, as well as special folding equipment that will undoubtedly increase improvements in their production processes.

    We adapt our machinery according to the bending needs, thickness, and the material to be cut. Since we can customize the manufacture measures, our configurations fit 100% and solve any customer's challenge. .

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      Fast delivery

      Trained and qualified technical support team.

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      Our technical assistance service team has extensive experience. They are skilled and trained to handle the technical problems of our clients' machinery, in the shortest time possible, and with the best guarantee.


      All building sub-units like fiber laser resonators, CNC systems, program software, operating equipment, etc. are supplied by world-class quality manufacturers from Europe and/or are manufactured and developed by Jordi.


      News & updates

      We offer you the latest corporate news, trends, presentation of new equipment and industrial expansion of our company


      Jordi, pioneer in laser cutting

      We take great pride in what we build. Our range of FIBER LASER machines provide solutions that are used in various areas of the metalworking business, including shipbuilding structures, POLES structures and other specialized end markets. Our fiber laser cutting machines serve a broad spectrum of markets. JORDI UNIVERSAL is an industry pioneer with many […]


      The initial steps preparing structural parts in shipbuilding, construction machinery, oil pipelines, and other manufacturing, the beveling at the big steel plates has always been an essential process prior to welding. Thanks to a high quality bevel cut, we will obtain a homogeneous weld and reduce the distortion effect, consequence of increasing the temperature into […]

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      Eduardo Pelegrí has left us.

      Today the news are not as we would like, much less, as we expected. Eduardo Pelegrí has left us. A person dedicated all his life to our company. On behalf of the company, and all the people who are part of Jordi’s staff, we want to convey our condolences to the whole family and share […]

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