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    The new FLEX SERIES


    Bending involves deforming a sheet so that it obtains an angle in relation to an axis, which is normally straight. Through impact, a pressurized punch is exerted on a matrix, placing a metal sheet to be bended in the middle..

    Jordi's Flex series equipment is used in various sectors like boilermaking, construction of metal structures, and manufacturing of other types of industrial machinery. .

    The PH bending model of the Flex series meets all the requirements for sheet metal bending operations requiring the highest precision and the minimum time loss. Create a program in just a few steps. Program parameters include outside stop position, cutting time, sheet thickness, blade angle, and tool clearance settings..

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    Flex Series Highlights

    Detailed features

    The thickness of the sheets to be bended can vary from 0.5 to 20 mm, and a length from a few centimeters to several meters..

    Bending is carried out in two stages: the approach phase with rapid closure of the ram and the working phase corresponding to the bending itself at low speed..

    Essential parts of the equipment include press brake cylinder, control panel, electrical cabinet, pedal, workpiece support, back stops, hydraulic system, beam, die, table, and frame..





    Technical details

    FLEX Series technical details

    Depending on the needs required by your production process, you can choose the model of the LUX Series that best suits your needs. These are the detailed technical specifications of each one of them.

    Information 1260 40180 60650
    Nominal force 50 TN 180 TN 650 TN
    Bending length 1250 mm 4100 mm 6100 mm
    Length between studs 1050 mm 3600 mm 5100 mm
    Gooseneck 350 mm 410 mm 510 mm
    Ram route 160 mm 365 mm 365 mm
    Ram table opening 370 mm 650 mm 525 mm
    Approach speed 100 mm / seg 100 mm / sec 100 mm / seg
    Working speed 9 mm / seg 9 mm / seg 9 mm / seg
    Return speed 90 mm / seg 100 mm/ seg 100 mm/ seg
    Main motor 4 Kw 37 Kw 45 Kw
    Poid 3,3 TN 21,5 TN 43,5 TN
    Total length 2100 mm 5350 mm 7700 mm
    Total width 1200 mm 3300 mm 3200 mm
    Overall height 2450 mm 3300 mm 3200 mm
    Information 1260 40180 60650
    Nominal force 110230 Lb 396832 Lb 1433000 Lb
    Bending length 49,21 in 161,42 in 240,16 in
    Length between studs 41,34 in 141,73 in 200,78 in
    Gooseneck 13,78 in 16,15 in 20,08 in
    Ram route 6,30 in 14,37 in 14,37 in
    Ram table opening 14,57 in 25,59 in 20,67 in
    Approach speed 3,94 in / seg 3,94 in / sec 3,94 in / seg
    Working speed 0,35 in / seg 0,35 in / seg 0,35 in / seg
    Return speed 3,54 in / seg 3,94 in / seg 3,94 in / seg
    Main motor 4 Kw 37 Kw 45 Kw
    Poid 72752 Lb 473994 Lb 959010 Lb
    Total length 82,68 in 210,63 in 303,15 in
    Total width 47,24 in 129,92 in 129,92 in
    Overall height 94,46 in 129,92 in 129,92 in

    Sheet metal bending

    Gooseneck and X and R axes

    The working depth in the press brake between the vertical supports limits the length of the working width..

    Most press brakes are only limited by the working mouth around the drive cylinders.

    The large machine width allows for bending sheets up to 410 mm (16") along the entire length of the equipment. The configuration of our standard folders includes the X and R axes (depth and height).

    Automatic movement control on the R axis by the CNC.


    Programming the machine


    Compact with high performance. 15" touch screen

    High level of technical requirements for JORDI folding machines. The screen allows an excellent comfort for the operator, improving the advantages of a complete graphic interface..

    Automatic bending sequence calculations and material database for predictive compensation are available (as ESA options) to reduce material waste.

    Correction in degrees of the final work.

    Dynamic correction is available to ensure perfect linearity of curvature.

    Direct connection of the Mitutoyo conveyor and the Anglecheck device to allow measurement of the process angle.


    Sliding front bracket

    Front Support Arms

    The front support arms in our press brakes can be repositioned and fixed linearly on the front bed in the guide rail system. Its height can be adjusted with a clamping handle..

    It is of simple and effective handling of the plates with the two support units. The double arms with folding front stop optimized to help the operator and protect the material.

    This type of sliding front bracket is meant to facilitate the operator's work..

    They are attached to the bending press through a linear guide that allows for positioning along the entire machine. Also, they are vertically adjustable with a precision recirculating ball screw to fit the height of the lower tool. The linear guides extend beyond the table where the brackets can be placed when not in use. .

    Trained and qualified technical support team.

    More information

    Our technical assistance service team has extensive experience. They are skilled and trained to handle the technical problems of our clients' machinery, in the shortest time possible, and with the best guarantee.


    All building sub-units like fiber laser resonators, CNC systems, program software, operating equipment, etc. are supplied by world-class quality manufacturers from Europe and/or are manufactured and developed by Jordi.

    24/7 Help desk

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    We are here for any doubts and needs that may arise in purchasing industrial equipment from our company. Please fill out all fields of the form, and we will contact you as soon as possible. .


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