Made In Europe

At JORDI we maintain a commitment to innovation and quality that is linked to a product made with the best raw material.

All the pieces are of European manufacture, a market at the head of the sector. Therefore, we chose materials that have grown in an environment of experience, innovation and technology. At JORDI we select our pieces carefully as a composer chooses the notes of his masterpiece.

In addition, our machines at JORDI are designed exclusively in Spain. We believe in the Spanish industry and we know that it is a country with the highest levels of industrial innovation in the world. Therefore, we wanted our products to be created in a production environment that lived up to our expectations.

On the other hand, we carry out exhaustive quality controls to ensure the perfect performance of each of the machines.

With JORDI, you will ensure quality, speed and precision in each and every one of the production phases in your company, thanks to this "Made In Europe" quality. Designing and producing our machines in Spain allows us to have greater control over the quality of them.

At JORDI we have 100% control over the production and manufacturing chain of the machines. In this way, we can adapt them to the needs that we find in each client. After a long time studying the market, in addition to the experience of our customers, Jordi has created machines with the best qualities and the latest technology, always with an eye on the future.

Made In Europe