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    Laser Cutting Machine

    The world's largest laser cutting machines

    Versions 6030 | 12030 | 18030

    Jordi's TITAN series has three laser cutting equipment pieces that are quite possibly the largest on the market. On the 18030 model, they range from 6 to 18 meters long. .

    The added work area boosts the production process. This allows for greater autonomy without the need for machine operators and double heads for greater production. .

    Four key points of the LUX Series

    Detailed features

    Sliding doors facilitate the access to cabin machines for equipment work supervision and maintenance by the operators. Programming for serial parts and nexting is simple..


    Its design facilitates a multitude of applications. .


    Construction stability allows for high strength shift..


    Built with the best components .


    Class IV systems.

    Maximum cutting thicknesses according to KW and the type of material to be cut.

    Steel Stainless steel Aluminium Brass Copper
    2 Kw 15 mm 8 mm 6 mm 4 mm 4 mm
    4 Kw 20 mm 15 mm 12 mm 8 mm 6 mm
    6 Kw 25 mm 20 mm 15 mm 10 mm 8 mm
    10 Kw 30 mm 35 mm 25 mm 20 mm 19 mm
    Steel Stainless steel Aluminium Brass Copper
    2 Kw 0,590 in 0,314 in 0,236 in 0,157 in 0,157 in
    4 Kw 0,787 in 0,590 in 0,472 in 0,314 in 0,236 in
    6 Kw 0,984 in 0,787 in 0,590 in 0,393 in 0,314 in
    10 Kw - - - - -

    Technical details

    LUX Series technical details

    Choose the right LUX Series model, based on your production process needs. The technical specifications on each are detailed below.

    Information 6030 12030 18030
    Working area 6050x3020 mm 12000x3100 mm 18100x3100 mm
    Speed X 170 m/Min 110 m/Min 110 m/Min
    Speed Y 220 m/Min 110 m/Min 110 m/Min
    Combined Speed 280 m/Min 155 m/Min 155 m/Min
    Acceleration 2G 2G 2G
    Repeatability 0,02 mm 0,02 mm 0,02 mm
    CNC 675 mm 675 mm 675 mm
    Max. lifting load 4500 Kg 9000 Kg 14000 Kg
    Resonator Power From 2 Kw to 12 Kw From 2 Kw to 12 Kw From 2 Kw to 12 Kw
    Information 6030 12030 18030
    Working area 238x119 472x122 713x122
    Speed X 6,690 in/Min 4,33 in/Min 4,33 in/Min
    Speed Y 8,660 in/Min 4,33 in/Min 4,33 in/Min
    Combined Speed 10,630 in/Min 11,02 in/Min 11,02 in/Min
    Acceleration 2G 2G 2G
    Repeatability 0,000787 in 0,000787 in 0,000787 in
    CNC 26,5748 in 26,5748 in 26,5748 in
    Max. lifting load 9920,802 Lbs 19841,6 Lbs 30864,717 Lbs
    Resonator Power From 2 Kw to 12 Kw From 2 Kw to 12 Kw From 2 Kw to 12 Kw

    Models for all sizes

    Machine structure and working size

    The gantry axis on the cutting deck (Y-axis) relies on a set of sliders and a high-precision guide for a linear drive. This guarantees high rigidity, minimal resistance to friction, and high load capacity. It is driven by a backlash-adjustable precision rack-pinion reduction rectifier system made from special hardened steel for maximum output and connected to an absolute metered servo motor.

    The transverse linear axis (X-axis) features the same system as detailed above. A nozzle support head (Z-axis) equipped with a vertical guide system (spindle).

    A constant distance is maintained between the nozzle and the material (only for metals) by means of a capacitive sensor. Before the cut, the non-contact cutting "head" detects the exact position of the sheet metal.

    6050x3020 mm Jordi 238x119 In
    1200x3100 mm Jordi 472x122 In
    18100x3100 mm Jordi 713x122 In

    Procutter Precitec

    PRECITEC cutting head

    • This solid state laser cutting head features a high power PRECITEC Procutter with sensor for tracking metal surfaces and a glass-protected 200 mm focal lens holder.
    • The focal position adjustment is motorized and automatic.
    • • An anti-collision system is included.
    • EG 8030 adjustment box, 200 mm focal lens, protection glass, and nozzles for all thicknesses and ceramics are included.
    • The cutting head contains a 90° 100mm focal collimator.
    • Air tightness is improved compared to HPSSL and HPSSL + Compact design.
    • • Protection windows are motorized.
    • A LED bar shows pressure, temperature, contamination, and TCP.
    • Bluetooth® application allows for viewing parameters via mobile devices.

    Trained and qualified technical support team.

    More information

    Our technical assistance service team has extensive experience. They are skilled and trained to handle the technical problems of our clients' machinery, in the shortest time possible, and with the best guarantee.


    All building sub-units like fiber laser resonators, CNC systems, program software, operating equipment, etc. are supplied by world-class quality manufacturers from Europe and/or are manufactured and developed by Jordi.

    Advanced Resonator

    IPG Fiber Laser Resonator

    The fiber laser resonator is a separate unit not attached to the cutting machine. This facilitates laser design with high-speed cutting of thin materials and high-quality cutting of thick materials..

    The unit contains the highly and kinematically stable resonator. The laser resonator includes a communication system with the control unit and a closed cooling circuit. .

    We design the most flexible and reliable machines on the market. Therefore, the TITAN series includes an integrated fiber laser source. This new laser cutting equipment comes with full warranty plus effective commissioning, operation, and monitoring with easy maintenance. It includes numerous special functions that offer the user a wide variety of specialized information on laser applications..


    TITAN 3D head

    PRECITEC PRO CUTTER 3D Special Cutting Head

    The TITAN 3D cutting head is a compact 5-axis fiber laser bevel-cutting unit with collision protection. It was created as an advanced bevel-cutting solution. .
    Bevel cuts can be made in simple contours and straight cuts with +/- 45° cuts and a high range of rotation. .

    • AC servo drives guarantee high power, precision, and low maintenance. .
    • It has integrated collision protection function.
    • The PRECITEC head provides quick and easy alignment. .
    • Its +45° to -45° bevel angle has a fiber laser source. .
    • Make adjustments from 0° to 45° in less than 2 seconds. .
    • The 200mm stroke allows for ideal combination of the unit with other cutting processes on a single machine. .


    Interchangeable tables

    Change Table (Standard)

    The sheets are loaded on the cutting table automatically, quickly, and safely. Handling of the laser cutting installation is much easier and more intuitive.

    Automation option: Upload and Download

    JORDI TECH & INNOVATION has a complete family of automatic loaders with storage towers of up to 50 pallets. These are used to organize the entire stock of materials and enable a more dynamic workflow. .


    Models for all sizes

    CAD/CAM Software and Control Panel

    El software CAD/CAM Lantek Expert CUT Plus está preparado para generar trayectorias de corte utilizando el post-procesador de corte JORDI (incluido en el software). Idealmente adaptado para cortar con chorro de agua, láser, plasma, etc.

    • Definition of cut geometries
    • Different fonts
    • Automatic generation of the cutting sequence
    • Continuous cutting that minimizes the number of perforations
    • • Cost calculation
    • Route optimization
    • Tables by thickness and materials
    • Workshop sheets
    • • Common cut with cut between pieces

    Jordi´s Success stories

    Vanderhall Motorworks

    Vanderhall Motor Works is a Utah-based U.S. vehicle manufacturer. They manufacture a three-wheeled car designed for both sports and city driving. These vehicles are built with the LUX series 6020 model and are made entirely with TITAN series machinery. .


    24/7 Help desk

    Request a free quote

    We are here for any doubts and needs that may arise in purchasing industrial equipment from our company. Please fill out all fields of the form, and we will contact you as soon as possible. .


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